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Aklock... Black Mask

Alex Knox, more commonly known as Aklock, is a Colorado based indie Hip Hop artist known for creating relatable tracks that blend Hip Hop and poetry to set the mood for the soundtrack of life. With a self-proclaimed addiction to freestyle poetry, Aklock writes sharp, emotionally invested and intricate lyrics. His goal: encourage people to open their minds and express their artistic sides.
Since 2002, Aklock has been developing an original poetry-fused sound influenced by artists like Aesop Rock, Ceschi Ramos, Atmosphere, Dj Shadow, Living Legends and Sleep. Aklock has an open mind and is a... Read more

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Atomic Pablo

Paul and Hilary are passionate about performing conversational, live jazz relying on improvisation and interplay in the moment. Emotion and feeling mix with interesting musical ideas and spontaneity. Traditional jazz sounds mix with modern chord clusters, lively bass solos, and orchestral layers built live utilizing a loop station.

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Audible Clique

We are passionate about providing people with a fun and entertaining musical experience . All of us have played in original bands , toured , etc. , and at this stage we really enjoy doing Audible Clique , which specializes in Modern Rock cover tunes . Mostly 90's and newer with a few gems from the past thrown in for good measure . Currently writing some of our own tunes . We play most weekends somewhere in Northern Colorado / Southern Wyoming , and enjoy the social aspect as well as the musical aspect of performing regularly . We try to give back by playing as many benefits as we can squeeze into... Read more

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Autumn Burn

Ashes of a Tormented Soul is an emotionally-charged album whose title refers to the destruction of one's soul after betrayal. This dynamic theme is representative of struggling through personal relationships, finding identity, and all the revelations that come from private struggles. Perhaps one of the less private struggle has been Autumn Burn's battle to include members that work well together. "If we wouldn't have gone through the trials of members, we wouldn't be the strong core we are now," says Kent Cutler who contributes his talents on bass guitar. The members of Autumn Burn are more united... Read more

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Baily Stauffer and the Katy Janes

You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying. To run by running, to work by working. And just so, you learn to love by loving. Begin as a mere apprentice, and the very power of love will lead you to become a master of the art. -St Francis of Sales

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Barley Davidson

We like playing music. We like improvising. We like playing new songs for the first time at shows and hoping people still recognize them (if its a cover). We like making stuff up on the fly and combining songs. We like beer. Thats why we play at Odell's Brewing Co. every second Wednesday of the month. Beer and music mix well, we're sure you'd agree. We play laid back groovy jazz type stuff. It's a pretty good time. Again, we're sure you'd agree.

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Ben and the Invisible Mutes

Ben and the Invisible Mutes is a 40 piece production orchestrated by the bands only non-imaginary member, Ben Ellington. Switching off between ukulele and guitar, they dance through the indie/folk genre.

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Bladeyarder is a new Rock n Roll band from Fort Collins, CO. They were drawn together by the forces of love for dogs, cats, Spider-man and skateboarding. Bladeyarder is a proud owner of the world's only Golden Goose. They consist of Jakob J. F. Mueller  (Vox, Guitar), Trevor Lamperes (Bass), and Jackson Lamperes (Skins).

     Trevor spends his days working at a comic book store and being single. Jackson spends most of his time falling out of trees and eating cats. Jakob spends his time wishing he wasn't so ugly, and that he could afford showers, so he could have clean hair.

     On their days off, they go to the beach to search for buried treasures. Also, during their summers, they travel to the Klondike of Alaska, and mine for gold and dinosaurs.  Jackson and Trevor enjoy watching the Denver Broncos, but Jakob still wonders what exactly a Tebow is... Read more

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Blast Pattern

celebrate adversity


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my name is bluchris. i've been djing for about 13 years now, but have been manipulating the musical experience of those around me since I got a panasonic boom box and package of blank tapes somewhere in the mid-80s.
I began djing in the art bars and underground clubs of Portland, holding down many weekly and monthly residencies at such places as Saucebox, the 1201, Crush, Madame Butterfly, Tiger Bar, and Level. I currently live in Fort Collins and am the beat curator and resident friday night dj at luscious nectar where my sets travel through virtually every genre of music.

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/bluchris... Read more

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Blue Grama

Blue Grama is a hot bluegrass band out of Ft. Collins, Colorado. Taking their name from the long-lived, warm season, native Colorado grass, Blue Grama blends the sound of the Appalachian hills with the high plains of the Rockies. Just as the grass roots hold tight to the soil, Blue Grama is deeply rooted in bluegrass tradition, inspired by greats like Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, and Del McCoury Band. Blue Grama’s repertoire includes a suite of original songs, bluegrass standards, and “grassy” cover tunes. The members of Blue Grama share a passion for music, taking every opportunity to feed...

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Bonnie and the Clydes

I am a singer, songwriter, yodeler, and guitar and mandolin player. I front my country band, Bonnie & the Clydes, and love gigging and making music with my group of Clydes. I also love sharing music with other people and musicians and building up other performers. Come see a Bonnie & the Clydes show soon!!!

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Brain Damaged Geeks

In a single word, Brain Damaged Geeks is Growth. It is the germination phase of a larger initiative, a sort of proving ground for reapproaching the relationships between sampled and organic sound sources. In lock step with this New Century it is time to reevaluate our perspectives on science, art, culture, society, and government. We are about evolving beyond the obsolete standards of Creative Method and escaping the trappings of Tradition and Genre. Nevertheless, never forgetting those shoulders of giants upon which we stand.

It is simply time to cast a wider net.

... Read more

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Breaking Radio

We're passionate about playing great rock and entertaining the audience. Soulful powerful original music with roots in Rock, Blues, and Alternative.

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Brett Schreiber

Brett Schreiber has been deeply involved in the Colorado independent music scene for the past 20 years as a performing and recording artist. Among the dozen or so projects he has been involved with over the years, he is a founding and current member of the Fort Collins band Stella Luce. He records and performs his own experimental electronic music under a variety of pseudonyms, utilizing a variety of digital and analog technologies, as well as DIY instruments and found sounds/field recordings. His most recent solo project, Spider Lights, uses a combination of modular synthesis and manipulated... Read more

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Brian Fromme

Brian Fromme is currently a Cloud Alliance Manager with Canonical, Ltd. With a background in software development, Brian has a passion for education technology. Brian has launched businesses, managed large-scale product development and consulting programs, and delivered sales and marketing events. Brian currently works with storage and high-speed networking in the Ubuntu project. He brings together entrepreneurial, managerial, and interpersonal skills in his role on the alliance team at Canonical.

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Brittany Devens

*Brittany is a 24 year old singer songwriter from Fort Collins and a breath of fresh air for modern music. She is known for gracing venues with her sincere lyrical content and her smooth, soulful voice. She formed The Brittany Devens Band in the year of 2010 and began playing her soulful rock and roll to stages big and small...Get her first song "Don't Leave My Side" for .99 cents on ITUNES...or AMAZON.com, etc.!

Also her first EP album, "First Five" is up and available on iTunes.

*2012- She is now going solo and working on new material with some special guests and for FoCoMX 2012 she will bring along a longtime friend of hers who also is a musician of many instruments himself. That friend is Marcus Jackson and he will be on the djembe drum to keep the heartbeat going for Britt's music for the night... Read more

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Bronze has been playing loud, heavy rock’n’roll since 2006. Members include: Bailey(guitar, vocals), Joaquin(drums, vocals), Chris(lead guitar) and Steve(bass). If you like the sound of vintage Marshall amps and classic Gibson guitars, then Bronze is for you. New Full-Length album out soon!!!

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Candy Claws

Candy Claws is a band from Fort Collins, CO, USA, a town right next to the Rocky Mountains. Kay and Ryan write and record the music in their home studio called Flashy Storm, and are joined by three friends for live shows – Riley, Meghan, and Karen.

Visit our Website to experience a world of magic nature

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Carolyn Lauttenbach

Carolyn is a guitar & ukulele-playing singer-songwriter from sunny Florida. Her tan has fully faded, and she now calls Fort Collins home. She performs honest and fun original music, and covers artists ranging from Etta James to Michael Jackson to Lil' Wayne. Wondering what Weezy sounds like on a ukulele? Come out and hear it for yourself!

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Chad Price

"Chad Price" is best known for being the lead singer for the pop-punk band All and alt-country band Drag the River. He joined ALL in 1993 as the band's third singer, after Dave Smalley and Scott Reynolds. He has appeared on the four most recent studio albums, as well as one live album. He is officially still a member of the band, although Scott Reynolds has been joining the band on live dates. In 1996, while still active with ALL, he formed Drag the River with Jon Snodgrass. Drag the River announced a break in 2007, although they were together again by 2008. In 2009, Price will release his first... Read more

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Chris Nucci

Toe-tappin' acoustic music made with six steel strings and a microphone!

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Conrad Marshall

I thrive on the new and unexpected. Stay outside the norm. Make the familiar, different.

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With a new year comes a new start for the band formally known as DB and the Catastrophe. They have spent a good chunk of this winter on their new album Armageddon, have an upcoming tour through the southwest and into Cali set up, and a new identity as the band is now called "Convalescents". Dylan Busby the founder of the group explains the fresh start:

"We have three new members within one year, we have a kick ass record done with Bill Stevenson that the three us (Ben Duncan(drummer), Eric Lehman (Bassist/Back-up Vx), and I) worked really hard on. Then we added Gideon Priegel on guitar and... Read more

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Cotton Keys

no manure, no magic.
That said, there's too much nitrogen in the atmosphere. Something should be done about it.
Leather jackets are cool, unless you prefer fur.

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every man dies not every man really lives

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D3X is an original hard rock trio based in Ft Collins. Members are Bob Doughty (vocals/guitar/songs), Kris Miller (bass/vocals)and Cisco Romero (Drums/Vocals).

We like chunky riffs, introspective lyrics and heavy grooves. At FoCoMx2012 we'll be playing mostly brand new songs, which we're very excited about! We also expect to have a "very special guest" join us onstage-but i'll post more on that later./BD

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Danielle Ate the Sandwich

Danielle Ate the Sandwich is a 26 year old singer songwriter, based out of Fort Collins, CO. Danielle draws inspiration for her songs from her personal experiences and observations. Her songs are lyrically driven and simply arranged. She will be releasing her 4th album this summer and has been a full time musician for 3 years, due in part to her homemade videos on youtube and constantly playing shows and singing songs around Colorado and around the U.S.

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Dat New Krew

Check us out! at

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Dave and the Gin Mill Gypsies

Dave and The Gin Mill Gypsies are a three piece acoustic jazz band that deliver high energy, hard swinging original music. Core members: David Wiatrolik, Matt Smiley, and Jon Gray, are well seasoned musicians. Armed with Wiatrolik's catchy original compositions and arrangements of 1920's and 30's pop music, the group plays authentic pre-war vocal jazz with a contemporary flair. Expect to hear exciting group interaction and improvisation with reckless abandon from these top-notch individuals. The Gin Mill Gypsies is sure to please the most discerning audience.

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Die Eisenhauer

An idea initially discussed by Asbestos and DJ Ghrimm since 2006. The goal was to draw on the noise talent of Fort Collins, effectively forming an experimental, noise collective.
In June of 2011 the first public show was in Denver CO as part of Backward Records monthly 'night of noise' event. Crowd reaction was quite favorable, with a number of requests for contact info to book Die Eisenhauer for other shows.
The mechanics of Die Eisenhauer combine both conventional and DIY, homespun instrumentation including drums, springs, ukulele, clarinet, saxophone, and a plethora of effects. The resultant cacophony is reminiscent of the minimal, but layered industrial soundscapes brought forth in classic film scores such as Eraserhead and Metropolis... Read more

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Dinero is Spanish for money. Money is American for power. We have little of either, but we’ve got plenty to say about it. Blessed with brains too big in skulls too thick, we slog through all possible iterations of what is American rock, from freaking out the folk tradition a la The Minutemen, Meat Puppets and Roky Erickson to aping the relatively wholesome stuff of the Creedence/ZZ Top/Flamin’ Groovies mold. Amid the baldness and the graying and the increasing crotchety cynicism, we do it because it beats the Elks Club and because at some point the choice is between making fun of Rep. Boehner’s... Read more

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DJ Macy Paradise

This was a review written by Dubstep Colorado:
DJMP3, or Macy Paradise the III is no stranger to most in the Fort Collins live music scene. The DJ/Producer who originally stems from Batavia, New York brought his skills to Northern Colorado with the aim to craft an undeniable live show while producing his own material. Least to say things have moved quickly. After claiming residency at a local club and playing several nights a week at other spots he is not only known for keeping a crowd on their feet, but also exhibiting plenty of his own high strung energy and late night antics.

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DJ Stringer Bell

From DormRoom DJing to Radio DJing to Club DJing it has always been my passion to find songs and music lost in the Mainstream shuffle and play them for anyone willing to listen. Be it remixes, B-sides, forgotten releases or a previous generations music, it all equates to the same thing to me: beauty in sonic form.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions about music I have played, tips on good albums, or a copy of any of my mixes.

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ALL MUSIC FREE AT www.dnemusic.com Diverge and Ethix, aka DnE, are an energetic hip-hop group from Northern Colorado. Formed in 2002 by Cale Farnham(Ethix) and Darrin Williams(Diverge), the group started out searching for a hype alternative edge that set them apart from anything they had heard. In 2008 they released their debut album "By All Means" that featured songs with guests such as Pep Love of Hieroglyphics and Zion I . Soon after, they teamed up with vocalist Natalie Ray to take their sound to the next level. With everyone calling them D&E for short, the three formed DnE to show recognition

... Read more

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Dusty Neil Band

The Dusty Neil Band is an electric country powerhouse that has been playing around the Colorado Front Range since early 2010. Dusty has played the Kaboom Town festival amongst other great places , and is gearing up to share his uplifting blend of alternative rock and texas country which he made his own genre called "Electric country " which is also making a big hit throughout Colorado with his new band. Originally from Dallas, Texas, the Dusty Neil Band signed with independent development label WoodStack Records in January of 2010. The Dusty Neil Band's debut album, Electric Country

... Read more

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Echoes of Neon

Artist Bio

"Echoes of Neon (E*O*N) straddles the line between discord and rhyme in their tribute to 1980's New Wave by reinventing the best songs of the genre with an updated, modern rock feel and sound. Without the airy synths or glossy effects used in the originals, E*O*N adds high energy, edginess and a focused rawness to dance classics by bands such as New Order,The Cure, Duran Duran, Psychedelic Furs and many more. With a dynamic stage show and look to match, E*O*N doesn't disappoint audiences craving a concert like experience and good times they won't soon forget."

More About E... Read more

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Elyse Miller

Colorado songwriter Elyse Miller has performed at numerous music festivals alongside world class artists such as nine-time Grammy Award winner, Asleep at the Wheel, the Tedeschi Trucks Band, and Boulder Acoustic Society. She has made multiple appearances on radio and television stations like KRFC, KCSU, Fox 31, and Channel 2 News. A seasoned entertainer, with over 15 years of stage experience, Elyse Miller has built a diverse performing career in theatre, music, and dance. Her unorthodox songwriting exhibits a hint of musical theatre and a variety of influences from Etta James to John Mayer. Her... Read more

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avatar for Endless Monster

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Erik Babineau

Erik Babineau is a singer/songwriter multi-instumentalist living in Fort Collins. His band is a original melodic rock band. The influences for the music are: The Beatles, Radiohead, RHCP, Coldplay, Wilco, Elliot Smith, Beck, NIN among others. The band is Erik on lead vocals, lead guitar, and piano...Nick Duarte on guitar, and background vocals, Phil Spencer on bass...and Erik's brother Craig on drums. Erik also plays in the bands: Post Paradise (Cello driven pop rock), The Babineau Brothers (Original high energy danceable funk...with hip hop laced beats and jazz inspired melodies) and played... Read more

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